12 health workers infected after corona vaccination in Maharashtra

महाराष्ट्र में कोरोना टीका लगने के बाद 12 हेल्थ वर्कर संक्रमित, विशेषज्ञ बोले टीकाकरण से...

After the vaccination of Covid-19 in Maharashtra, 12 health workers have been found infected with corona (Maharashtra Covid Infection). These cases have come up in Amravati district. All of them were given the first dose of Corona. However, the civil surgeon says that there is no connection with the infection with the vaccine.

Amravati’s civil surgeon Dr. S. Nikam says that it takes one and a half months to become an immunity. Caution is necessary even after the vaccine. The district administration says that it takes one to one and a half months for the body to become immunized after being vaccinated, during which the risk of infection remains. Nikam says that after taking the vaccine in Amravati district, some people got their Covid report positive (Corona Positive). We started the vaccination from January 16, but eight to nine days later our employees were found positive, but it has no relation with the vaccine.

Immunity takes one to one and a half months after taking the vaccine, these people have got infection due to contact with a positive. Therefore the vaccine is safe. After taking the vaccine, AEFI means Adverse event following immunization ie there are some different reports about any adverse event after vaccine. It has been said that people with or without antibodies or antibodies to AEB are more likely to have AEFI after vaccines than those without antibodies.

Dr. Rahul Pandit, a member of Maharashtra Covid Task Force and a well-known intensivist from Mumbai, became Covid positive in the month of May, after two days of the first Covishield drought on January 16 but remained on ICU duty for the third day. Rahul Pandit said, ‘I got Covid in May, after that, the fever was moderate for two days. But I was fine on the third day and was doing duty in the ICU. It is said that those who have not had an infection may have trouble after the second dose, it is a result of this that if you have antibodies before and take another dose AEFI is more visible but AEFI only shows 24-48 hours. After this, the person becomes completely normal.

Dr. Gautam Bhansali, Chief Coordinator of the Kovid Bed Management and a member of the BMC Covid Task Force, never became a Covid positive, took the vaccine on 16 January and did not face any side effects. It is said that now the idea is to check antibodies before vaccine. Bhansali said that he has not got Covid and took the vaccine on 16 January. He feared that there might be no side effects of one day but no side effects were found. It is a personal experience that people who did not have corona do not see any significant side effects compared to those who have been cured. Therefore, we are also seeing that before the vaccine, we should check the antibodies of the people and those who are in it can stop them and give the vaccine till then it is given to another.

More than 68 lakh Corona warriors have been vaccinated in India. Of these, only 8500 people have faced AEFI. After the vaccine, 30 were hospitalized, out of which 19 have been discharged. 23 people who have been vaccinated have died but this has nothing to do with the vaccine, the Health Ministry has cleared it.

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