5 beauty usage of tejpatta, use for glowing skin

Wonders Of Bay Leaf For Skin, Hair, Health, Weight Loss - Indian Beauty Tips

The use of bay leaves is not limited to food. Many people may be surprised to know that by using bay leaves you can benefit your skin and hair too. Come, know how you can use bay leaves to enhance your beauty –

1. Bay leaf is very beneficial if there are spots, spots or pimples on the face. Washing the face with boiled water or using a paste of bay leaves helps to keep the face clean and glowing.

2. Bay leaf water also helps in healing the skin affected by sun rays, and helps to maintain the skin tone evenly.

3. The use of bay leaves is very effective to keep the hair soft, soft and shiny. If you want, you can apply it in oil to the roots of hair, or you can wash hair with water.

4. Applying casserole paste to hair can get rid of dandruff problem. It can also be applied by mixing the paste with curd, so that the skin of the scalp remains moist and provides nutrition.

5. After drying the bay leaves and using its powder as a brush, it is effective in whitening and whitening teeth. If you want, you can try it once a week.

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