5 foods that would make you thirsty again and again, know its side effects

Health Tips 5 Foods That Would Make You Thirsty Again And Again Know Its Side Effects

Your body is made up of 75 percent water. A lot of water comes out of your body daily through sweat, breath and urine, which is a physical process. But sometimes you feel very thirsty due to which you have to drink water again and again. Actually, due to dehydration, you have the problem of thirsty again and again. But many times the reason for thirst is not just dehydration but also your diet, so today we are going to tell you about some foods, due to which you have the problem of thirst again and again.

1. Tea and coffee intake

Caffeine is found in plenty in tea and coffee. Excess intake of caffeine is considered harmful for your health. Also, due to its excessive consumption, a person starts having problems of urination again and again. The problem of excessive urination leads to a lack of water in the human body, due to which the problem of thirst is created again and again.

2. Excess alcohol consumption

Excess consumption of alcohol is also considered very harmful for your health. In fact, due to its excessive intake, a person starts vomiting several times. Which causes a lack of water in his body. Due to its excessive intake, a person also starts having problems of urination, which causes the problem of lack of water and frequent thirst in your body.

3. Consumption of high salt items

When you consume things rich in more sodium, then you feel very thirsty. This is because sodium requires a greater amount of water to digest. If you eat canned food, more spicy things more than this, then you also have the problem of feeling thirsty.

4. Intake of High Protein Foods

Even if you consume a high amount of protein rich food, you start feeling thirsty very often. High protein foods are rich in nitrogen. Those who need more water to metabolize your body well. That’s why whenever a person is on high protein diet, he feels thirsty most of the time. In such a situation, he may also have dehydration problem due to less water intake.

5. Eating Sweet Foods

When you eat more sweet food or beverages, then you start having problems of feeling thirsty. Sweet foods create an acidic environment inside your body that spoils your body’s enzyme function, which causes you to feel thirsty every once in a while. Apart from this, soft drinks are also a major cause of dehydration.

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