5 health benefits of mustard oil, keeps your heart healthy and increases immunity

Health Tips Mustard Oil Benefits Sarson Ke Tel Ke Fayde

Mustard oil is commonly used to make any kind of vegetable in our house. Non-veg is also made in mustard oil. As much as mustard makes this vegetable delicious, it is also beneficial for our health. Many doctors and dieticians also prefer mustard oil over other oils. It acts like a medicine. You must have seen many people using oil during headache and ear pain.

The corona virus epidemic has warned all of us to be vigilant about our health. People are drinking many types of decoction. Experts believe that using mustard oil in food increases immunity. It contains monosaturated fatty acids, which helps in maintaining the balance of cholesterol in the body. Mustard oil contains alpha-linolenic acid, which improves our heart health.

Ringworm prevention
Mustard oil has antibacterial and antifungal ingredients and is a digestive element that prevents harmful infections. It contains omega 3, omega 5 fatty acids and vitamin E, which nourishes the body and strengthens the immune system.

Sinus and cough-cold prevention
The pungent element of mustard oil makes it useful in clearing congestion and blocked sinuses. Massaging the feet and chest soles with hot mustard oil with garlic cloves can relieve cough and cold.

Red blood cell strength
Mustard oil is a major source of fat required by our body for many biological functions as components of plasma, cell lipids and cell membranes. Mustard oil helps in lowering cholesterol and improves the red blood cell membrane structure.

Protection from heart related diseases
Research has shown that consumption of mustard oil has shown improvement in heartbeat, heart attack and angina. Mustard oil is considered a healthy option for people with heart disorders.

Relief of joint pain and arthritis
Regularly massaging with mustard oil gives relief from muscle and joint pain. The omega 3 present in mustard oil helps in reducing the stiffness and pain caused by arthritis. It also helps by reducing triglycerides, blood pressure and inflammation.

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