7 common habits which are slow poison for the health

10 Bad Habits and the Best Ways You Can Quit Them

Many habits have a very harmful effect on our health. When we look at our hobbies and habits, we will know what we are giving to our lives. Let’s look at the habits of when, where and how. Let’s start with the first stage of age – from childhood

1 Chocolate – In childhood, everyone eats things like chocolate biscuits, but eating too much chocolate causes problems in the young age from tooth loss to lack of interest in food. That is why we should pay special attention to these children’s habits. Give them chocolate on small achievements, lest it be a part of their lives every day.

2 Burger-Pizza – Pizza burger craze is the highest among children and school students. But this craze turns into a hobby that we get used to. Occasionally or in a few months, eating pizza and burgers is fine, but in the coming days, their consumption is very harmful for our body and digestive system.

Whenever pizzas or burgers go to eat, instead of water, use beverages like Coca-Cola or Pepsi, which have never been good for health, but also cause obesity and liver problems.

3 Smoking – As age increases, hobbies and habits also change. In such a situation, the initial hobbies of cigarettes, alcohol, paan, gutka, etc., turn into a habit.

4 Use of Balm or Vicks – Some people have a habit of using Balm or Vicks without any cold or headache. Some people have a habit of applying balm on the head before going to sleep every day. Their reasoning behind this is that by doing this, sleep is good. But in reality this habit is your addiction, which is making you dependent on Bam or Vicks to get sleep.
5 Tea or Coffee – Drinking tea or coffee is a different thing when you are very tired or in good weather, but if you consume too much due to your hobby, believe it, this hobby is not good for you. Excessive intake of tea or coffee kills your appetite, and due to this, digestion of the food is not done properly. Otherwise, it should be taken special care in Madamemu and stomach related diseases.

6 Pickle consumption – Always eating salad with a meal is beneficial, but always having a pickle deal can prove costly. Things like pickles should be used only when the taste of the food is enhanced, or the food looks unattractive. Eating it daily in every season increases the acidity. Pickles purchased from the market contain vinegar, cytic acid, etc., whose consumption can be very harmful.

7 Eating too much fennel – There is no doubt that fennel has many benefits, and everyone likes its taste. But if you have the habit of eating fennel all day long, then according to Ayurveda this habit can cause you to have frequent urination problems.

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