99% of people do not know the right way to darken hair with mehndi, you should learn now

It is natural for hair to turn white with increasing age. But at a young age, the hair becomes white due to the attraction of the whole personality. The sebaceous glands found in the roots of hair produce an oily element called Sebum, which determines the color of hair. This element also nourishes hair. The hair begins to turn white as the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases. Most men have white hair around the ears at the age of 35 to 40 and by the age of 50 most hairs turn white. Therefore, turning hair after the age of forty is a natural process. But at a young age, white hair is a disease and in today’s time most people are worried about this disease.


It is said that hair adds four moons to our beauty, that is why everyone wants that his hair should always remain beautiful black and thick, but in the era of fashion, people nowadays use chemical shampoos and oils found in the market so that their hair They start white and fall before time. When the hair of any person turns white, people like to apply the most mahndi, but it does not last more than one or two months and starts appearing white again. That is why today we will tell you a solution by which your hair will turn from white to black forever.


To do this remedy, first of all, you have to take Amla powder which is easily available in the market and then take half a liter of this powder, mix them together and make a paste, but keep in mind that this Do not apply immediately after adding the paste, rather put this powder in water overnight and then wake up in the morning and keep it on the gas, after which the paste will become slightly thicker and at least one teaspoon of bread Mix the powder and now mix this paste well and then keep it to cool.


When the entire paste cools down properly, cut a lemon in this paste and mix its juice in it and then mix it together and apply it in your hair. Keep in mind that this paste should be applied from your root to the entire hair, when the paste is completely applied to your hair, then after drying it for a few hours, wash it with cold water.


Do apply this method at least 2 times in a week, then you will see that your hair will turn dark and also your hair will get natural shine and strength and its biggest advantage is that it is completely natural. This will not harm your hair at all and your head will also remain cold.

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