Afghanistan: 12 killed in a car bomb blast Outside Afghan Police Headquarters, over hundred injured

car bomb blast

Nearly 12 people were killed in a suicide car bomb attack in Afghanistan’s West Ghor province on Sunday, facing civil war for nearly two decades. At the same time, more than a hundred people have been seriously injured in this attack. At present, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this suicide attack.

The head of the hospital in Ghor province, Mohammed Omar Lalzad, said that emergency department personnel are treating the severely and the normally injured. He feared the death toll would increase.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Aran said the car bomb attack was carried out at the entrance of the provincial police chief’s office. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack in Ghor. Let us tell you that this attack took place at a time when talks between Taliban and Afghan government representatives are continuing in Qatar. The talks are being held to end the decades-long war in the country.

Earlier on October 3, there was also an explosion in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. The blast took place near the Governor’s Compound in Gannikhil district in eastern Nangarhar province, killing 15 people and injuring more than 30 people. Afghanistan umpire Bismillah Jan Shinwari was also killed in the blast. According to Afghan media, seven members of his family, including Bismillah Jan Shinwari, died in the attack. On October 1, nine people, including four civilians, were killed in a suicide attack targeting a military checkpoint in southern Afghanistan. Omar Zawak, spokesman for the governor of Helmand province, said that the suicide attack took place late in the night in Nahari Sarah district, in which a young child and three security forces personnel were also injured.

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