Amazing benefits of banana, control your blood pressure and make bones strong

How banana delivers benefits to the body know about other benefits

Often people believe that eating banana increases obesity but this is just a myth. Eating bananas does not increase weight, rather it has its benefits. Today we are telling you some such benefits, knowing that you will also start eating bananas every day.

What does research say
According to a research, eating three small bananas provides the same energy as 90 minutes of workouts. But eating banana not only provides energy, but eating it also keeps you fit and healthy.

It has been proved in research that eating a banana at breakfast, in the morning and in the evening or taking potassium in the evening reduces the risk of blood clotting in the brain by 21 percent. Research also found that taking 1600mg of potassium daily reduces the risk of stroke significantly. Also, the risk of death from stroke is reduced by 40 percent.

Benefits of eating bananas

  1. Eating banana keeps blood pressure under control.
  2. Eating banana is more beneficial for women as it strengthens their bones. Not only this, the potassium present in bananas can control excess amount of salt present in the diet.
  3. According to research, eating banana relieves depression. Protein present in banana not only improves mood but also makes you feel good.
  4. Vitamin B6 in bananas regulates blood glucose, which reduces pain during periods.
  5. Anemia is overcome by iron present in banana.
  6. The fiber present in banana removes the constipation problem.
  7. Banana and honey can be eaten together even if there is water to overcome the hangover.
  8. Even if you have to remove morning sickness, you can eat banana.
  9. According to an Australian research, bananas should be eaten daily to reduce workload, stress work.

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