Amazing benefits of green tea, good for heart, control blood pressure and makes bones strong

benefits of green tea good for heart control blood pressure makes bones

There is good news for those who consume green tea every day. Green tea is very beneficial for your heart, mind and health. According to recent research by Northwestern University, the caffeine present in green tea does not allow ‘adenosine’ to form. ‘Adenosine’ is an important neurotransmitter that determines when a person will feel lethargic or fresh. If the amount of adenosine in your body is high then it will damage the nervous system.

Apart from this, a compound named L-Thianine is also found in green tea. L-thianine is helpful in reducing the level of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in your body and increasing the feel good hormone ‘serotonin’. Apart from this, it increases memory, reasoning power and concentration.

Let’s know the benefits of drinking green tea

Helpful in weight loss

If you are troubled by your increasing weight and want to reduce obesity, then green-tea can prove to be helpful in it. Green tea increases metabolism speed. This makes your body burn more energy.

Enzymes are control

This drink eliminates angstiness and helps you relax. Many researches have also proved that green tea eliminates the symptoms of enzymes.

Cholesterol decreases

Unhealthy cholesterol can be reduced by drinking several cups of green tea in a day. During a research, it was found that people who take green tea or black tea reduce their cholesterol.

Effective in reducing blood pressure

Apart from cholesterol, green tea is effective in reducing blood pressure. According to a research, at least six cups of green tea drinkers in the week were found to be 33 percent less likely to suffer from hypertension.

Bones-muscles will become stronger

Green tea also makes bones and muscles strong. While the flavanoids present in this beverage keep away complaints of bone-muscle erosion, phytoestrogens do not allow tissue damage.

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