Apple planning to stop production of this latest iPhone, this is the reason

Apple iPhone 12 mini production may be discontinued this year

Legendary tech company Apple is preparing to bring its new series iPhone 13 by September this year. At the same time, before this, the company is going to stop the production of iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12 series smartphone launched four months ago. The reason behind this is said to be the low popularity of the phone.

Production will stop
Apple launched the iPhone 12 mini especially in view of the Indian market. There was a lot of discussion about this phone before the launch. With 5G technology, it is a small and light phone in the world and despite this, this phone did not attract users much. This phone did not sell much, due to which the company can stop it.

New series can be launched in September
Apple may launch the iPhone 13 series by September this year. Before this, the company can stop the production of iPhone 12 mini. The demand for this phone is also very low. Because of which the company is going to take this decision.

This is the price
Apple has also launched the iPhone 12 mini. IPhone Mini has been launched in the market with 5.4 and 6.1 inch screen size variants. Apple claims that it is the world’s slimmest, small and fast 5G smartphone. It will have the same processor as the iPhone 12 and all the features will be the same. The price of iPhone 12 Mini in India is 66900 rupees.

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