Are older women feel happy with their younger partner? know

It is generally seen that in love or marriage relationship, the girl is less than the boy’s age. Sometimes both partners are of equal age. But now the trend is visible that the girl is older and the boy is younger. People say the same thing behind it, that love is blind. There is no age limit in love. Just as a man may fall in love with a girl much younger than him, similarly a woman may fall in love with a younger man. But the question is what is the result of such a relationship. Is it successful or is it difficult? There has been research on this at Emory University in the US, while relationship experts have also expressed their opinion about it. Know about it.

1. More likely to divorce
In a research study conducted at Emory University in the United States, it was told that if there is more age gap between a couple, then the possibility of divorce among them also increases. What makes for a stable marriage? Was issued by name. In this, it was said that if a woman is older in age than a man, then there will be problems regarding physical relations between them. Apart from this, emotional relationships are also not good and there is a possibility of a break up of the relationship, but many times it does not happen.

2. Pregnancy related problems
Psychologists and doctors say that if the girl is two to four years older than the boy, then there is no significant problem, but if the girl is 10 years or more than the boy, then there is a problem in the relationship. If the girl is 40 years or more at the time of marriage, then problems related to pregnancy arise. This problem can take a complex form, which can also lead to further divorce.

3. Emotional Imbalance
Psychologists believe that after aging, a person’s mood also changes. The person’s way of thinking is different and his interests are also according to the same. At the same time, as you get older, the way of thinking changes. Therefore, if two such people form a relationship between themselves, who have more distance between their age then there is more possibility of differences between them. This also creates emotional imbalance.

4. Male partners feel pressure
Psychologists say that even though an older woman seems happy with her young partner, after some time, the male partner starts feeling a kind of pressure in such a relationship. This is because the older woman is more experienced and is also financially independent. Even though she wants her partner wholeheartedly, she is dominating as she gets older. Therefore male partners are not able to feel more comfortable with them.

5. Have to compromise
Generally in such a relationship both partners have to compromise. If the distance between the two is more than 10 years, that is, the woman is 10 years older than her partner, then they have to compromise on the child. It may not be possible for a woman to become a mother at an early age. But now such medical technology has come that if they want, instead of adopting the child, they can give birth to the child themselves or they can decide to live without a child.

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