Are you also doing demonic bath, change the habit

Bathing is said to be very important in our culture. A person becomes holy by taking a bath and his negative energy also dissipates. Taking a bath clears the dirt on the body and makes the body healthy. Most people bathe daily and taking bath also makes us feel fresh.

But what time the bath is done is also very important. Bathing at different times gives us different fruits. In our scriptures, bathing is divided into four parts, namely Muni Snan, Dev Bath, Human Bath and Monster Bath. The bath is divided into four parts depending on the time of bathing.

1. The person who takes bath before sunrise is called Muni Snan and there is always peace and peace in the house of such people.
2. The person who bathes at sunrise is called Dev Bath.
3. The person who takes a bath after the sun rises, such a bath is called human bath.
4.A person who takes a bath long after the sun rises, then such a bath is called demonic bath and in the scriptures, demonic bath is considered a great sin. This brings many troubles in life.

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