Are you eating rotten eggs? Check the quality of eggs in 2 minutes

Due to the rich protein in eggs, it is called the king of protein, which is very beneficial for our health. In winter, it keeps our body warm as well as fulfills the deficiency of protein, but have you ever thought about checking the quality of the egg before eating it. If not, today we will tell you how you can find out the quality of eggs.

You will need to do a small experiment to find out the quality of the eggs. Take water in a glass. Keep in mind that the glass of water should be slightly more than half full, after this take an egg and leave it in water.

After sinking in the water, the egg can be seen in 3 positions. First, if the egg is sitting just below the bottom of the water, then it is of good quality, you can eat it freely, but the remaining two positions point towards poor quality. Is, whose food is not free from danger.

If the egg stands vertically by going to the bottom of the water, then it means that the egg is very old, eating it can worsen the health. After leaving the water, if the egg is floating on the surface of the water or coming up, then it can become rotten from inside. In both these cases, the egg will give many diseases instead of your health.

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