Around 2000 Prisoners Escaped After Attack On Jails In Nigeria

Tensions rise in Nigeria as some 2,000 inmates escape in attacks on prisons

Two jails in Nigeria were attacked by a mob after which around two thousand prisoners escaped. Authorities have announced a 24-hour curfew in Lagos to quell the unrest arising from two weeks of protests against police brutality.

The Inspector General of Anti-Riot Department has ordered to strengthen security around Nigeria’s jails. Police said in a statement that the force will now use the full force of the law to prevent further damage to people’s lives and property.

Lagos state governor Babajidae Sanwo-Olue said on Twitter that these demonstrations against police brutality are becoming a threat to the well being of our society.

Home Ministry spokesman Mohammad Manga said on Tuesday that armed mobs attacked two jails. Since then, 1993 prisoners have been missing. It is not known how many prisoners were in the jail before the attack.

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