Be careful if there are blue marks on the body without injury

You must have noticed many times that indigo marks suddenly accumulate in many places in your body, where there is no injury. Many times the marks of indigo remain frozen for months and the most important question is, do you have indigo marks all the time in your body? By the way, these marks are visible due to injury.

Why do indigo marks occur?

After injury to the skin, indigo accumulates due to damage to the blood arteries. This type of injury causes blood to leak and spread to the surrounding cells, leaving a scar like indigo. It is a reaction of the body to an injury. In medical terms, this condition is called contamination or internal injury. It is a matter of worry if the indigo starts showing marks in the body without getting hurt. Let’s know about when and how indigo marks accumulate in the body and whether this is the reason behind it. It is very important for you to know the reason behind indigo marks on the body:

Indigo becomes on the body due to lack of nutrients: –

There are some vitamins and minerals that work to fill the blood clots and wounds. If there is a deficiency in the body due to any reason, then marks of indigo are found. Therefore, keep in mind that keep high amounts of all the nutrients in your diet.

Indigo becomes on the body due to cancer and chemotherapy: –

During cancer, indigo marks also appear on the body due to chemotherapy. Due to chemotherapy, the blood platelets of the patient fall very low, due to which the marks of indigo appear on the body again and again.

Indigo becomes on the body due to some medicines and supplements: –

Many times, such marks start appearing with the use of medicines and supplements. Actually, medicines like warfarin and aspirin make the blood thinner, due to which indigo marks appear on the body. If you also start seeing indigo marks on your body while taking such medicines, then please consult your doctor about this

Indigo can occur on the body due to genetic disease haemophilia: –

Haemophilia is a genetic disease in which once an injury or wound occurs, bleeding does not stop. In this disease, there is a deficiency in the blood called thromboplastin, due to which the flow of blood starts intensifying or marks of indigo.

Indigo can be formed on the body due to increasing age: –

It is normal to have indigo in parts of the body in old age, because during this time the blood arteries become very weak due to which marks are formed on the body. These scars are red in color, light purple or green and disappear slowly and become even again. So there is nothing to worry about the indigo mark, but if these problems become too much, then the doctor immediately contact them.

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