Be careful if you sit in AC throughout the day! This is the alarm bell for your health!


In today’s world, you hardly find any office in which there is no air condition.

Winter or summer season, people working in office have to sit in air condition for hours every day.

Among them, there are many people who are not used to working in AC, but still working in AC becomes their compulsion. As a result of this, they often get health related complaints.

Working in the AC for about 8 hours every day, even if the heat runs away from you, but we think it is important to make you aware of the damage caused by it.

Let us see the damage of AC: –

May be headache problem

Those sitting in AC for more than four hours are at risk of sinus and headaches. You may feel a headache and irritability when the AC temperature is lowered.



May cause fatigue and fever

Sitting in AC for a long time can cause you fatigue. If you leave AC and go to normal temperature or hot place, then you can suffer from fever for a long time. By sitting in AC for too long, you can become a victim of viral fever like flu, cold and cold.


May cause eye problems

Sitting in AC causes dryness in the eyes, which can cause itching in the eyes. Not only this, it also causes conjunctivitis. Problems such as red eyes, pricking and burning, watery eyes can surround you.



Skin can be dry

Sitting in AC for too long causes dryness in the skin due to which the moisture in the skin is completely removed.



Allergy complaint may occur

Many a times, if the AC is not out of time, the dust accumulated in it comes out with air. Which increases the chances of allergy.



Body may suffer

Cold air coming out of AC causes joint pain. The pain in the neck, hands and knees increases due to the cold air, due to which their performance starts to decrease gradually.


Can be obese

The use of AC increases the fatness of our body. The reason behind this is that sitting on a cool place does not dissipate the energy of our body due to which the body fat starts increasing, which is the biggest reason for increasing obesity.


Brain is affected

When the AC temperature is too low, the cells of the brain are also contracted, which affects the brain’s ability and functioning.


So you have seen that many health related problems can surround us by sitting in AC. But what to do, sitting in the AC for hours is also a compulsion for all of us.

These were AC losses – In such a situation, if you do not really feel the need for AC, then the habit of keeping it closed for a while can reduce your tension and you can avoid AC damage.

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