Birthday Special: Cinemas used to open for Sunny Deol’s film at 6 in the morning, it has only earned one year

Birthday Special Sunny Deol  unknown facts

Today is the 64th birthday of Bollywood actor and BJP MP Sunny Deol. He has won hearts of millions with his performance. Sunny Deol is known for his excellent screen appearances. People have many memories and stories about Sunny Deol and his films. On the occasion of his birthday, we are telling you special information related to his life and personality.

Very few people know that the real name of Sunny Deol is Ajay Singh Deol. People in his family called him Sunny, which also got recognition in films. Worked in the 1996 film ‘Ajay’. Sunny Deol studied acting at The Old World Theater in Birmingham, England.

Apart from films, Sunny Deol is a successful businessman. He started ‘Sunny Sound Studio’ in 1996 with Aviate Group. Dolby Digital Sound has a huge contribution from this company in India.
Sunny is known for her angry and aggressive image in films, but in real life she is quite calm and shy. Sunny has been heavily influenced by Hollywood actor Sylvester Stollen.

Sunny Deol’s name was also associated with actress Dimple Kapadia. Sunny has kept his personal and family life away from the media. His wife Pooja Deol has never appeared before the media.

Sunny Deol’s films were always a hit in Punjab. His popularity grew even more from the film Gadar. In many cinemas in Punjab, this film used to start at 6 am. People used to go to see this film in the morning.

Sunny Deol was awarded the National Award twice. In 1990, he received the National Award for Best Actor for the film ‘Ghayal’ and in 1993 he was awarded the National Award for Best Supporting Actor for ‘Damini’.

Sunny Deol won the Lok Sabha election from Gurdapur in Punjab last year. During the nomination, he mentioned his own movable and immovable property. He told that he has assets worth some 51.79 crores. At that time he had Rs 9.63 lakh in his bank and an investment of Rs 1.43 crore.

You will be surprised to know that Vikas Dubey, the infamous gangster of Kanpur, was very impressed with Sunny Deol’s film Arjun Pandit which came out in 1999. He had named his name Vikas Pandit. In political circles, he was also known as Pandit to gangsters.


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