Black gram have 10 times more strength then meat, if you eat it like this then your body will become steely

मास से 10 गुना ताकत मिलती है काले चने से, ऐसे खाएंगे तो शरीर बन जायेगा फौलादी

Friends, nowadays, weakness in men can be seen as a disease, many boys are upset due to their skinny skin, after listening to the taunts of people, they start hating life, today we will tell you the easy way to get rid of weakness .

The only thing you can do to remove thin water is attachment and that is black gram, because black gram has more protein, more than mass. Black gram is easily available in almost every household. Some people like to cook its vegetables, some boil it, some sprout and roast some. We tell you how you like it.

Soak a handful of black gram in a glass of water at night and cover it, see it in the morning, the gram must have flowered right away, now you boil those grams, without boiling raw gram does not digest much so it is better to boil them Take it and then eat it, you can also put a mild name in it, which will make gram tasty, eating such gram will increase your body weight.

Black gram is rich in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Although use of gram is beneficial in every way, but eating sprouted black gram is most beneficial. Chlorophyll, vitamin A, B, C, D and eating phosphorus, potassium, magnesium are also fulfilled by eating sprouted gram. But only eat seedlings if you have good digestive power.

Black gram has many more benefits, let us tell you how many other benefits of black gram.
Black gram is rich in fiber, it is particularly beneficial for digestion. Constipation is cured by eating chickpea soaked overnight. Also, instead of throwing away the water in which the gram has been soaked, it also benefits.

Eating black gram provides more energy than mass. If you take gram with jaggery then it will benefit more. Consuming black gram is also very beneficial for the patients of diabetes. If you are animate, then count gram in your habit. Black gram is very beneficial for anemia patients. Along with this, washing face with gram water also brings glow to the face.

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