Bogg boss 14: Karanvir Bohra came in support of Rubina Dilac, said big thing about Salman Khan

Karanvir Bohra came in support of Rubina Dilaik, said a big thing about Salman Khan

New Delhi: Television’s most popular reality show Bigg Boss is now slowly making headlines. Recently something happened in the show’s Vikand’s war episode, due to which there is a lot of discussion about it on social media both inside and outside the house. During the show, host Salaman Khan was seen making fun of this time’s husband of Contestant Rubina Dilac. With which Bigg Boss ex contestant Karanvir Bohra has now come out in support of Rubina. He says that sometimes it happens that when I don’t get Salman’s humor a bit right.

In fact, during the episode of Bigg Boss show, Vikand War, host Salman Khan called Rubina’s husband Abhinav Shukla as ‘stuff’. On which Rubina, during the show, laughing and avoiding Salman, refused to do so. At the same time, after the show, there was a lot of chaos in the house. Rubina was so angry that she also appeared ready to go out of Bigg Boss house.

Along with this, Karanvir Bohra, who was the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss, has also come out in support of Rubina. He has tweeted that he respects Salman Khan very much as the host and an actor of Bigg Boss. With this, he said that if someone makes a small mistake, then he would not like to be laughed at and become a joke in public.

Karanvir wrote in his next tweet that he has known Salman for quite some time and he has respect for him in his heart. Due to which he went to Big Boss. He said that he does not argue with his elders because of his good values. At the same time, he says that writing the open letter of his wife was also not wrong.

He wrote in another tweet that it is justified to hurt the feelings of Rubina Dilac due to Salman’s behavior. He says that he is not watching the Bigg Boss show this time, but he loves to see Salman Khan hosting the show. This happens sometimes when I do not like Salman Khan’s humor a little bit.

Let me tell you that during Bigg Boss season 12, host Salman Khan made fun of Karanvir Bohra many times regarding the dress up and looks. On which Karanvir’s wife was very angry and he had condemned it by writing an open letter.


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