By the use of this thing, bones will remain strong till old age

Often all body parts become weak in old age. Due to this, many problems have to be faced in old age. The main structure of the body is the body, which is made up of bones. If bones remain strong even in old age, then there will not be much trouble. Today I am going to tell you about one such thing, with the use of which bones will remain strong till old age. Apart from this, you will feel like youth even in old age.

What is the name of that thing

The name of that thing is Vanshlochan. Vanshlochan is white in color and resembles mishri. Many such elements are found in it, which make the bones very strong. It contains plenty of calcium. If infusion is taken as per the regular method, there will never be a deficiency of calcium in the body.

Intake method

Can be consumed with milk or honey. Take it in a glass of milk by adding one teaspoon of Vanshlochan. If milk is not available, you can consume it with one spoon of Vanshlochan and one spoon of honey. It is very effective for pregnant women. The intake of calcium is complete by its use and it also blonds the unborn baby.

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