careful ! Almonds are poison for these people, these precautions must be taken while eating

Many things should always be kept in mind to improve health. We should eat nutritious things to stay healthy and healthy. When and what should be eaten at what time of day, special care should be taken. Some foods are high in acid, so eating or drinking them on an empty stomach can harm you. Today we are going to tell you about some such things which can cause many infections and diseases due to eating or drinking on an empty stomach. Let’s know about some such food items.

Often you must have heard that almonds are beneficial for health with a sharp mind. But did you hear that this almond can be fatal? This almond, which helps in the development of the body, also acts as poison for some people. Yes, there are some diseases in which eating almonds can prove very harmful. In such a situation it is very important to be alert to your health.

So let’s know about those people who should avoid eating almonds

* Digestion

In changing lifestyles, most people have problems related to diazation. If you also have problems related to digestion or acidity, do not eat almonds at all because there is more fiber in almonds, which increases the problem even more.

* obesity

If you are upset with your increasing weight and almond is included in your diet then do not consume it. Actually, almonds are high in calories and fat. In such a situation, the consumption of almonds increases obesity.

* Blood pressure

If your blood pressure is always high, make a distance from almonds now, because consuming almonds with medicines can damage and aggravate the problem.

* Stones

If you have kidney or gall bladder stones or any other problem associated with them, do not eat almonds at all because it contains oxalate in excess which can harm you.

* Antibiotic medicine

In the changing lifestyle, some health problem is always surrounded and there are medicines that do not take the name of giving up the pursuit. If you are also eating antibiotic medicine due to any health problem then do not consume almonds.

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