China’s has a border dispute with these 21 countries, you will be shocked to know

In today’s time China is becoming a major problem for the whole world. The only reason for this is expansionism. China asserts its claim on the border of 21 countries of the world along with India and wants to merge it with their country. Today, we will try to learn about this subject, there are border disputes with China about the countries of the world.

China’s border dispute with these 21 countries.

Russia-China dispute

Nepal-China dispute

Bhutan-China dispute

Vietnam-China dispute

Brunei-China dispute

Taiwan-China dispute

India-China dispute

Japan-China dispute

Myanmar-China dispute

Laos-China dispute

Mongolia-China dispute

Tibet-China dispute

Indonesia-China dispute

Malaysia-China dispute

Philippines-China dispute

Singapore-China dispute

North Korea-China dispute

Kazakhstan-China dispute

Kyrgyzstan-China dispute

Tajikistan-China dispute

Afghanistan-China dispute

South Korea-China dispute

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