Consuming this thing will keep you young even in old age, must know

Everyone wants that they look young for maximum time. But as the age increases, the signs of old age start appearing on its face. People use many types of cosmetic to conceal their old age. But these cosmetics are harmful for your health.
Today we are going to tell you about one thing, with the use of which you can stay young till old age and your health will not be affected. Let’s know about that thing

What we are talking about is linseed and in Ayurveda, linseed has been described as a good medicine. If you eat flaxseed daily, then your digestive system works properly and your health is good. Linseed does not cause any stomach disease and blood is also healthy. If a person’s stomach is clean then he will never get weakness and neither will he get sick. For this reason, such a person will remain young and healthy.

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