Covid-19 antibodies are rapidly declining: study


Researchers in the UK have found that antibodies that protect people infected with the corona virus from infection are “rapidly declining”, leading to hopes of long-term immunity from Kovid-19 infection. Huh.

A study by Imperial College London examined more than 3,65,000 people in England. The study found that the corona virus-protecting antibodies responsible for Kovid-19 are decreasing over time, indicating that immunity may persist for only a few months.

Professor Wendy Barclay, one of the researchers who studied the study, said, “The corona virus, which infects people every winter, can re-infect people after six to 12 months. “We suspect that the body responds similarly when infected with the virus responsible for the Kovid-19 infection,” he said.

“Our studies show that over time there has been a decrease in the number of people who have antibodies,” said Paul Elliott, director at Imperial College London. The study noted that cases of low endobody were found to be higher in people 75 years of age and older than in youth.

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