Covid-19: Elderly exercising in coronary age, study reveals


The elderly most at risk of the corona epidemic are the most conscious of their health. Scientific studies from University College London have revealed this. Researchers found that youth stopped exercising when the lockout occurred, while the elderly exercised more.

Research found that about two-thirds of the population had reduced walking, running and exercising after the lockout began. The youth reduced physical activity while the elderly became more active. The study was conducted on changes in exercise habits among people between the ages of 14 and 93. Researchers conducted this study using GPS in the smartphone app of 5,395 Britons.

As soon as the ban was lifted and the elders became active
Research found that the elderly remained active during the Corona restrictions and became more active as soon as the ban was lifted. A big reason behind this is also believed that the corona virus is the biggest threat to the elderly.

Exercise duration decreased by 37%
During the first complete lockdown, exercise duration decreased by 37%. He then started exercising for only 57 minutes a week. The UK Department of Health advises an adult to exercise 75 to 150 minutes a week.

Loss of gym closure
Researcher Hannah McCarthy found that gym closures were a major reason for young people to lose their exercise habits. Before Corona, the youth were not confined to the house for very long, their elation was lost during the lockout. However, the activism of the youth also increased as the lockout got relaxed, although it has not reached the former level of Corona.

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