Covid-19 vaccine: India’s first vaccine expected to be 60% effective, company claims big

Bharat Biotech Says Its ICMR-Backed Coronavirus Vaccine Named Covaxin Ready  for June 2021 Launch

A big claim has been made about India’s first Kovid vaccine. The vaccine manufacturer has said that ‘cocaine’ will be at least 60 percent effective. Last Thursday, the company got permission from the Controller General of India (DCGI) to start the third phase of human trials.

Indigenous Kovid vaccine expected to be 60% effective

Interim results of Phase III human trials are expected in April or May next year. Sai Prasad, executive director of Bharat Biotech, said, “The benchmark for our vaccine to be effective against Kovid-19 is 60 percent. We are going to conduct the third phase of the largest human trial on cocaine and the results will be effective in early April of 2021. Or may be available in May. ”

Sai Prasad is a member of the product development team at Bharat Biotech. He said, “If the respiratory vaccine proves to be 50 percent effective, it gets approval from the World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration of the US, and the Central Drug Standards Control Organization (CDSCO) of India. Our goal for cocaine At least 60 percent is to achieve efficacy, but there may be more. The vaccine is far less likely to be effective than 50 percent, and the results of the test so far have indicated this to us. ”

Permission to start Phase III trial in India

Bharat Biotech has presented the results to DCGI after completing the first phase of human trials. No major security concerns have been expressed in the results. The safety test for the second phase of testing has been completed and the immune response from the vaccine to the body is being investigated. Experts say that a lot will depend on third stage human testing. Dr. Srinath Reddy, founder of the Public Health Foundation of India, says, “The results of a large-scale test will determine whether the vaccine holds its own. However, the first and second stages of human testing generated hope.”

Sai Prasad said that the company is considering the possibility of producing 150 million doses of vaccine annually. However, the price of the vaccine has not been decided yet. He informed that in the next six months about 150 crore rupees will be spent on Phase III human trials.



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