Covid-19: Vaccine trial to begin in Israel from November 1

coronavirus vaccine

An Israeli institute has prepared a vaccine for Kovid-19, named ‘Brillife’. Now the Ministry of Health and the Helsinki Committee have given the necessary approval for all human trials for this vaccine. Its trial will be started from November 1. Israeli Defense Ministry gave this information. The Helsinki Committee deals with research approval and human experiments.

The vaccine formulated by the Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR) has three stages of human testing. More than 30,000 volunteers will take part in it and it is estimated to run by the middle of 2021. Only then will the vaccine be available to the people.

The trial will begin from November 1 with two participants. Based on their reactions, the vaccine will be gradually given to 80 volunteers and 40 to each medical center. Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that it is a day of hope for the citizens of Israel because of the IIBR researchers. The first bottle of vaccine was found two months ago. Today we have 25,000 doses and the next phase of the trial is being started.

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