Delhi-NCR can get rid of pollution, CSIR has developed ply to prepare ply

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The problem of pollution in Delhi-NCR due to burning of straw has taken a serious form. Scientists are taking several measures for the management of straw. In this context, CSIR’s Bhopal-based laboratory has developed ply and wood preparation techniques from Parali. He has transferred it to the industry.

Scientists at the Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute (AMPRI) have developed hybrid ply and composite wood using straw, industrial waste such as fly ash and marble waste and fiber. This wood is very strong and more effective than common wood. The risk of fire is also less in it.

This research of scientists is very important for two reasons. One, it solves the waste of straw, fly ash and marble. Secondly, as an alternative to wood also prevents trees from being cut. The National Forest Policy prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Forests clearly states that scientists will find an alternative to wood for construction of buildings, which will reduce the forest cover. In this process, up to 60 per cent of agricultural and industrial waste is added to the manufacture of wood, while the remaining 40 per cent fiber is added.

AMPRI has transferred this technology to Bhilai’s company Shubh Green Sheet Pvt Ltd to market it. The company is going to establish its industry in Bhilai soon.

Burning stubble can be stopped
AMPRI director Avnish Kumar Srivastava said that this ply and wood would prove to be a better alternative to the existing products. NIT, Kurukshetra has also been involved in the research of making ply and wood from Parali. According to Satish Kumar, director of NIT, Kurukshetra, this will prevent burning of stubble in Punjab and Haryana.

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