Delhi-NCR wrapped in mist, air quality index crosses 400 in some areas

delhi pollution

As winters are getting closer, the weather of Delhi-NCR is getting worse day by day. Even on Friday, Delhi-NCR is wrapped in a sheet of poisonous haze. Today, the mist was so much in many areas that even the nearby things were not visible. On the other hand, in the air quality index, in many areas of Delhi, it was recorded above 400 on Friday morning and 300 in most areas.

Air Quality Index 436 was recorded in Alipur, Delhi at 6 am today which falls in the severe category. At the same time, the air quality index in Anand Vihar etc. remained beyond 300.

Those who visited India and around also said that today they do not see India Gate, whereas India Gate was easily seen from this place everyday.

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