Do not eat these 7 things including bread and butter with milk, it can harm your health

Do not eat with milk, these things, including bread butter, can harm health

Milk is full of nutrients. It is a good source of protein and calcium. Milk also contains minerals and vitamins necessary for health.

However, many things should not be consumed with milk while drinking milk. In this way, eating some things immediately after drinking milk can harm health. Know what those things are.

Do not eat these things with milk

Bread butter
Bread butter is probably the most popular breakfast. But eating bread and butter with milk can be harmful. It can also cause vomiting.

Milk and oranges should not be consumed together. The calcium present in milk absorbs many enzymes of fruits. Due to which the body cannot get their nutrition. Apart from this, it can also cause gas problems.

Along with this, eating curd, yeast, egg, meat and fish along with milk should also be avoided.

Do not eat these things after drinking milk

Spicy Food
If you have drunk milk and eat spicy food after this, then it can be harmful for your health. It can also cause gas and indigestion problems.

Consuming radish or things made of radish after drinking milk is harmful for health. If you do this then you may have skin related problems.

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