Do not wear tight jeans, otherwise serious disease may happen

Nowadays the craze of wearing tight jeans has increased. Especially girls wear tight jeans in everyday life. But wearing tight jeans can also cause a major illness. Today we are going to tell you that if you wear tight jeans, then what terrible disease can cause you. Let’s know

According to “The Mirror Report”, doctors say people who wear tight clothes or tight jeans. Their bodies cannot get air. Due to which the sweat around the private part of the individuals does not dry up due to which bacteria are produced there. Those that go into the urinary tract and cause infection and you can have urinary tract infection (UTI), a painful disease in the urinary tract. This disease is more during the rainy season.

Experts believe that UTI is more common in women than men. Because they wear more tight clothes. Doctor Jaspal says that everyone should wear open and loose clothes during the rainy season, so that sweat dries quickly and bacteria does not thrive there.

If you also want to avoid the terrible disease called UTI. So don’t wear tight jeans.

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