Do these 11 remedies when skin burns, will benefit immediately

Burning of any part of the body in fire or heat is very painful. Many times while cooking, burning with hot water or by an electrical appliance, there are blisters on the skin, which increase your discomfort manifold. In such a situation some home remedies can help you. Let us know, what are those measures….

1. Whenever the skin burns due to any reason, immediately pour cold water on it, so that blisters do not occur. Even after that, soak cloth in cold water and wrap it on the burnt place, so that this danger is reduced further.

2. Aloe vera benefits greatly when burned. As a first aid, its pulp can be used in the burn area. It will get better results. After washing the wound with water or milk, apply aloe vera on the burn area.

3. Putting potato or potato peel on the burnt place will also give relief from irritation and coolness. For this, cut the potato in two parts and place it on the wound. Doing this immediately after burning will be quite beneficial.

4. Applying turmeric water immediately to the burn area reduces pain and provides relief. Therefore it can be used as primary treatment.

5. It is also beneficial to use honey in burnt area, because it is a good antibiotic. It helps in killing germs of the wound. For this, put honey on the bandage and put the bandage on the wound and change this bandage two to three times a day.

6. You will also get a lot of relief by placing a T-bag on the burnt place. For this, after keeping the T-bag in the fridge or cold water for some time
Apply on the wound. It contains tannic acid, which helps in healing the wound by reducing its heat.

7. Applying the juice of basil leaves on the burnt area is also very effective. This is less likely to cause a scar on the area.

8. Use of sesame seeds is also helpful in providing relief on burning. Applying ground sesame on the burnt place will not cause burning and pain. By applying sesame, the spots on the burn area also ends.

9. Toothpaste on burns is also an effective treatment, which not only reduces irritation, but also blisters on the skin. Therefore, if something is not available on burning, apply toothpaste immediately.

10. After burning, immediately add salt to the water and make a thick solution, and apply it on the affected area, it will also provide coolness and there will be no skin blisters.

11. Rubbing sweet soda on the burn area immediately does not cause blisters and does not irritate at all.

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