Do this work immediately after scorpion bite, poison will not effect, patient’s life will be saved

There are many such creatures around us, which can be dangerous for us, we should stay away from them, but sometimes they come in contact, and harm us, such a creature is a scorpion, poison in its tail. Happens, and it uses the pointed sting in the tail to bite its prey, its poison is very dangerous, so it is very important to treat immediately upon its bite, otherwise the patient can be killed, so today we We are going to tell you some effective solutions.
1- Mix salmon in onion juice and apply it to the scorpion bite, the poison will come out.

2- Drinking mint juice or chewing mint leaves also removes scorpion poison, as well as relieving pain.
3- On the bite of scorpion, grind the leaves of yam and apply it on that place, it ends the effect of scorpion poison.

4- Grind raw turmeric and heat it slightly and apply it on the scorpion bite, the poison will come out.
5- Grind the alum and apply it on the scorpion bite area, the effect of poison gradually reduces, and the patient gets relief.

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