Do you know the meaning of this number written on the gas cylinder?

Gas must be used to cook food in everyone’s house, and for this you must also buy gas cylinders from the market. You will often see some numbers written on the gas cylinder, which you will not know why they are written. Today we will give you information about an important number written on the gas cylinder.

Let me tell you that the expiry date is written on the gas cylinder and if you bring the expiring gas cylinder, then there is a risk of its burst. You must have seen the number of two digits on the gas cylinder with the letters A, B, C, D, which is the expiry of the gas cylinder. Here the letter A denotes the months January to March, B April to June, C July to September and D from October to December, and the two digits after it represent the expiry year of the gas cylinder.
Suppose B-13 is written on a cylinder, it means that your cylinder will expire in June 2013.

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