Does drinking brew (Kadha) damage the liver? Ministry of Ayush told the truth

The best time to have your immunity-boosting kadha | The Times of India

Kadha: Does drinking brew damage the liver? Ayush Ministry told the truth: Ayush Ministry on Tuesday rejected those claims that consumption of decoction for a long time causes damage to the liver. The ministry says that this is a ‘misconception’ as all the ingredients used to make the decoction are used while cooking at home. Has suggested.

At the press conference, Secretary of the Ministry of AYUSH, Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha said that cinnamon, basil and black pepper are used for brewing and they have a favorable effect on the respiratory system. The ministry, among other things, recommended making the decoction by using basil, cinnamon, pepper, ginger powder and raisins and consuming it twice a day.

Kotecha said, “There is no evidence that the decoction causes damage to the liver.” This is a misconception because all the decoction ingredients are used in cooking food at home. ”He also said that research is going on to find out how effective it is against Kovid-19.

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