Drink juice of spinach and bitter gourd to control sugar, this way will benefit

Diabetic: Juice made with bitter melon and spinach may lead to control sugar

In the last few years, sugar has become a common disease all over the world. Like a sugar termite, slowly the body licks the internal organs. Blindness, kidney failure and many other types of disease are also caused due to not knowing the disease in time. This disease arises when the body is unable to contain glucose in the blood.

Control sugar by drinking spinach, bitter gourd juice

Experts say that spinach and bitter gourd juice is the best way to control sugar. Eating bitter gourd creates a chemical reaction in the body that reduces the level of blood glucose and controls the surface of insulin. Whereas, spinach is also one of the special vegetables which has proved to be helpful in avoiding the risk of suffering from sugar.

How to make spinach and bitter gourd juice

Drinking spinach and bitter gourd juice is very bitter. It also tastes very bad. However, if you add a few pieces of lemon and black pepper in it, the taste gets better and can be drunk easily. To make spinach and bitter gourd juice, first boil some spinach leaves finely. Then, in the same way take a bitter gourd, take out its seeds and chop them finely. Apart from this, lemon, chander katre, black pepper chopped ginger will also be needed to make the juice. Now, grind all the ingredients together in a blender and when it seems that all the ingredients have mixed well together, then take it out in a glass of water and drink it.

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