Dust can reduce the destruction of nuclear weapons, research reveals

dust can reduce the destruction of nuclear weapons research reveals

Everyone is upset with the dust. Everyone is aware of its serious side effects on health, but dust can also do big things. A research has shown that dust can reduce the side effects of nuclear weapons. Further research in this direction can open the way to develop techniques to reduce the impact of nuclear weapons.

Dr. Meera Chadha of New Delhi-based Netaji Subhash Technology University has done this research under the Women Scientific Planning Fellowship of the Department of Science and Technology, ie DST. This scheme is specially designed for women scientists whose career is hampered due to family responsibilities. Dr. Chadha was also on one year child care leave and she continued her research during this period.

They have proved by mathematical modeling that the deadly effects of nuclear weapons can be lightened with the help of dust particles. His research has recently been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, London. According to research, the energy generated by an intense explosion such as a nuclear explosion and the area of ​​destruction affected by it can be reduced through dust particles. They have shown through the model how this intensity is reduced. If previous studies are made the basis of this direction, then it seems possible to reduce the intensity of nuclear explosions by 40 percent.

Inspired by Kalam
Dr. Meera Chadha got this inspiration from former President and great scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He read a book in which someone had asked Kalam the question whether a bomb can be made that neutralizes the effect of the atomic bomb? Meera Chadha then began an in-depth study of shock waves, which she also studied during her PhD.

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