Easiest home remedies to eliminate pain from neck to feet

In today’s lifestyle, due to changing food habits and changing living conditions, most diseases are occurring in our body. Today every person is under stress. Due to which, the risk of getting many diseases is high and to get rid of it people also use different types of medicines. But it is not necessary that the medicine is going in the body. Prove to be beneficial for you. Especially if there is pain in the body, taking its medicine is very harmful for health because the use of more pen killers is more likely to damage the liver and kidney. Therefore, they should not be consumed to relieve minor pain and to get rid of the problem of pain, you should try to get rid of it by using domestic and natural things.

Today, we will try to tell you the easiest home remedies to overcome the pain of neuralgia from neck to feet through this post. By using which you can get rid of the problem of pain and consuming it will not harm your health either. The biggest thing is that it has no side-effects.

Let’s know-
* Garlic is a very easy and good remedy to remove the pain of neuralgia from neck to feet, because many kinds of ingredients are found in garlic, which are very helpful in relieving pain problem. Therefore, if you are troubled by the problem of pain, then consuming garlic with milk will prove to be very beneficial for you. Because where many types of ingredients are found in garlic. Along with the same amount of calcium in milk, many vitamins are present which are beneficial for our health.
* If you have a problem of cold and cold, then mix garlic in milk and drink it. This will give you a lot of relief. Garlic milk can prove to be very beneficial for you in case of acne. Even after delivery, drinking garlic milk is very beneficial for women.

* If there is a lack of breast milk after delivery and if the baby is not getting enough milk, then feeding garlic milk is very beneficial. Because drinking it makes milk faster. And by drinking this milk regularly, the digestive system also remains fine.
Anyway, milk is very beneficial for bones because it contains other vitamins along with calcium which gives strength to bones and garlic has pain relief properties. The mixture of these two removes the bone muscle and nerve pain of the body. Apart from this, stomach pain is also cured by drinking it and digestion is also strengthened.
* Therefore, if you are suffering from neuralgia from neck to feet, then chew one or two buds of garlic on an empty stomach every morning and drink lukewarm milk. Or you can also consume small pieces of garlic by boiling it with milk and in addition, you must include garlic in your diet.

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