Easy recipe to make soft and tasty Dhokla at home

So friends, Dhokla is such a delicious dish that we can make it anytime anywhere in our house and we can use it as breakfast, if you buy this Dhokla in the market then you have to pay very good prices and it Your satisfaction is not there, sometimes there is something lacking in its taste, or sometimes you have to pay a lot of money, which is not appropriate and if we have to take good taste of Dhokla, then we have to pay a lot more. In order to overcome the problems, we have brought before you in this post how to prepare the best and tasty Dhokla in a few minutes at home, so that we can give it to our relatives to friends or in the evening on a festival. Breakfast, if we can use it in the morning breakfast, then let’s take a look at some of the essential ingredients read in it.

necessary ingredients

gram flour
baking soda
Color as per requirement

So, we know how to mix and soak them in us so that it swells and when we prepare Dhokla, then it is quite spongy.

So first of all, if you take one glass of gram flour, then you will have to take half a glass of semolina along with these two, you will have to mix them in yogurt. The taste will be very good. If there is no curd then you can also use water. Now to make the solution, you will have to mix all these gram flour and semolina in a curd and you will have to add salt in the ingredients like I told you. You have to add food soda, if you want to add color, then you can add color to bring color, if you don’t want to put it, then no need is there. You can use it according to the need. Will have to leave it for about 1 hour so that it can swell and make good dhokla.

Now you will need a Dhokla stand to prepare Dhokla. If you do not have a Dhokla stand then you will need two utensils which are a big utensil and one is a small utensil like a big utensil in a big utensil and the other a little from it. Small saffron with which you can keep a water in big buildings, after the water is hot, put the batter made of gram flour and semolina in the small building after applying oil in it, and then put it in the hot water and put it in the middle from the top. Cover it with a pot so that its father does not come out and when it is cooked with that hot water father, then you remove the small fugitive and read it in a plate in another vessel, after that you cut it as you wish. You cut it in such a way that it looks very beautiful on someone and it will get very spongy due to cooking it well in hot water. After that when all your dhokla is cooked, then you will get some oil in a pan Taking a little opinion in it, take curry leaves and put all the dhokla in it and fry it for a while when the dhokla turns red A will have to be fired again and then you serve people with any sauce.

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