Eat it after eating food, you will get rid from weak eyes, blood loss and poor digestion

We are going to talk about the medicinal benefits about mishri, mishri is also called rock sugar in English, it is used in sweetening food items and other medicinal forms.

Mishri is prepared from sugarcane juice and palm tree juice, it is rich in many nutrients, sugar candy is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, vitamin B12 is also very good in it, so Let’s know its benefits.

Benefits of consuming sugar candy
For bad mouth
Eating a teaspoon mixture of sugar and fennel after a meal ends the smell of the mouth.

In cough
If there is a sore throat or cough, putting sugar cane in the mouth and sucking it gives relief.
In anemia
It is beneficial in anemia i.e. anemia, after consuming sugar candy after meals, blood circulation improves and blood loss is eliminated.

Under eyesight
Eating sugar candy is beneficial when the eyes light is weak, sugar candy contains ingredients that remove many problems of the eyes.
Poor digestion
Consuming fennel and sugar candy after a meal ends indigestion problems and a bad digestive system is cured.

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