Eating onions has 5 tremendous benefits, helps in increasing immunity and also in weight loss

Onion is a vegetable that is sometimes served in our plate as a spice or a salad. Without it, the taste of many Indian dishes fades. However, this pungent vegetable not only enhances the taste of food. Rather, it also improves your health in many ways. It offers benefits ranging from increasing immunity to weight loss. Therefore, it is wise to include the onion in your diet.

Makes heart healthy
Even if you don’t like eating onions. But, it improves your heart health. Actually, sulfur compounds are found in onions that keep blood cholesterol levels low. Onions also contain anti-oxidants. Which, reducing oxidative stress, does not accumulate plaque in the veins and prevents the process of oxidation of cholesterol. All these effects help to keep the heart healthy.

Diabetes controls
A study published some time ago said that onion intake is beneficial in both type 2 and type 1 diabetes. Blood glucose levels are low due to its intake. In this way, it helps to keep diabetes under control.

Immunity increases
People fall ill again and again due to poor immunity. That is why onion should be consumed. Actually, onions contain vitamin C. Which is an immunity enhancer. Vitamin C is also an anti-inflammatory agent, which reduces problems such as swelling and irritation in the body. Similarly, it also prevents infection.

Healthy skin
Skin is also healthy by eating onion due to good amount of anti-oxidants. By this, age marks on wrinkles and face are reduced. As a result, the skin looks healthy and young for a long time.

Sexual health
Onion intake is considered beneficial in sexual health problems such as increasing sperm count and infertility.

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