ENO will brighten yellow teeth in 1 minute, will have to use this way

Some people’s teeth are so beautiful that when they smile, the flower starts falling, while on the contrary, some people get upset after seeing the smile. This is because of their dirty and yellow teeth. In people who consume tobacco and gutkha more, this problem is usually seen. People who smoke cigarettes also have yellow teeth.
Not only acidity gives relief from tooth problem:
If you are also troubled by dirty and yellow teeth then there is no need to worry. You can brighten your yellow teeth in just one minute with the help of Ino. Now you must be thinking that I am not joking. So let me tell you, not only does acidity relieve the problem of air gas, but also yellow teeth. Actually Eno contains a mixture of citric acid and soda S, in addition to 40 percent baking soda.
Ino’s bottle or packet will be found in every house:
It is also added to many things in the mine only because, it thrives well with its use. While the doctors refuse the use of Eno in Khan’s things. In today’s time, most people are troubled by stomach problem, so in almost every house a packet or bottle of Eno will be found. Sour bursts also occur due to wrong eating. Today, due to lack of time, people are becoming more dependent on outside mines.
People’s teeth deteriorate prematurely:
Because of this, they are facing different types of physical problems. Wrong eating and eating will not only affect your stomach but also your teeth. Your teeth start to deteriorate prematurely. Worms start in them, due to which many people get their teeth uprooted too. Today we are going to show you a video, in which you are told how you can brighten your teeth using Ino.

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