Excess abdominal fat may be the reason for the risk of early death, know the methods of prevention

Belly fat may lead to death early, know how to prevent it from occurring

A recent research has revealed that an increase in abdominal fat can lead to early death. Researchers have said that body mass index can be used to detect the risk of early death.

Body Mass Index

People’s weight is measured through body mass index. But it is criticized because it does not know where the fat is gathered in the body.

Excess abdominal fat is the cause of death?

Many researches and studies have been done in this regard, after which it was found that excess abdominal fat may actually be the cause of early death. Researchers say that an increase in abdominal fat, especially every 10 cm in women, can increase the risk of death by 8 percent. While the risk of death of 12 per cent in men may be due to increase in abdominal fat every 10 cm. Conversely, more fat present in other parts of the body can reduce the risk of early death.

On the other hand, a study by Iran’s University of Medical Sciences says, “It is already famous that being overweight or obese is associated with the risk of heart disease, cancer of the kidneys.”

How to reduce increased abdominal fat?

Researchers suggest that leafy vegetables and fresh fruits should be consumed.

Protein and low-fat products can be consumed in food.

In addition to reducing the use of sugar, sweet drinks should also be avoided.

Instead of heavy food in dinner, light food and salad should be used.

Make habit of exercising more and more exercises like walking, swimming, jumping.

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