Exercise has many benefits, but you must know the right time to do it

एक्सरसाइज से होते हैं कई फायदे, लेकिन जान लें इसे करने का सही समय

Everyone knows that doing exercise or exercise is beneficial for health. However, many people remain confused about which is the best time to exercise to lose weight. So today we are going to tell you what is the right time to exercise (write time for exercise). So that you can reduce your weight by maximizing fat burn.

Doing often in the morning or evening at any time gives you advantages. But many studies have believed that evening exercise is slightly more beneficial (evening exercise is benefit for health).
In the time of sham, the muscles of the body are flexible and warm which gives you better results of exercise. Along with this, there are many other physical benefits from doing workouts in the evening.
-If you are doing exercise in the evening, then do exercise four to five hours before going to bed because late night exercise can affect your sleep.
-Warm up the body before accelerating.
For better results, regularly practice strength training, bodyweight exercises and cardio exercises.
In addition, include nutritious foods in your diet.

(Note: consult doctor before taking any measures)

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