Farmers Protest: After The Tractor Parade On Republic Day On January 26, Farmers Will Start Campaign In Villages

किसानों का ट्रैक्टर मार्च

Farmers’ organizations have decided the strategy ahead in their Parliament by first meeting state-wise and then at the national level. The farmers are united on two issues. They need a guarantee from the central government to ensure procurement on MSP and to repeal all three agricultural laws. Farmers’ organizations say that they have neither come to sit on the road nor will compromise their two demands and return empty handed to their fields.

Preparations for grand parade, will give the message of agriculture oriented India

There is an insistence of farmers. He will take out a tractor parade on Outer Ring Road in Delhi. For this, preparations are being made to bring about one lakh tractors to Delhi border. Farmers along with women, children and artists have strategized to make their parade grand. Apart from keeping the program colorful, the country’s flag will be waved along with the country’s flag on the tractors. The parade of tractors or farmers from every state reached for the movement will be a part of the attraction of the people. For this, the co-ordination committee, selection of volunteers, farmers, women, youth, children involved in the parade have been involved in finalizing the farmers organization roadmap by keeping all the points in the center, including the necessary amenities. More than 500 farmer organizations have fully supported this and hundreds of farmer representatives have agreed.

Chaudhary Harpal Singh, leader of the Indian Farmers Union (real, apolitical), told Amar Ujala that we have not come to sit on the road and fight the government of our country. Farmers have come to demand their rights and when the government gives it, we will go towards the barn. Delhi is the door of the Prime Minister of the country and this movement will continue till the government does not give our rights. Punjab’s farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chaduni has said the same thing. Many leaders like farmer leader Baldev Singh Sirsa are going to raise questions before the central government, why is it doing ‘dirty politics’? Why is the farmer sending notice to the leaders? Does the government feel that this will frighten the farmers? All farmers, including Satnam Singh Pannu, chairman of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti, and Lakkhowal, Jagjit Singh Dalewal, are in favor of continuing the Kisan agitation till they get concrete results.

Farmers’ organizations say that the proposal can be considered if the central government guarantees the purchase (legal provision) on the MSP and keeps all the three laws suspended until a consensus is reached. Chaudhary Harpal Singh also says that such a proposal can be considered. Apart from this, farmer organizations have also told their farmer colleagues to exercise restraint in the rhetoric. Do not make statements that provoke or harm the movement anywhere. Take special care of your dignity. There is a consensus in farmer organizations. He will no longer get involved in any debate with Union ministers or leaders. All things will be based on points.

Chaudhary Harpal Singh says that after taking out the tractor parade on January 26, leaders of farmer organizations will go to different parts of the country and villages. The farmers will hold rallies and open the poll of the central government. The government is engaged in fighting the farmers, creating a gap between small and big farmers. We will tell the farmers the reality and if necessary, will also appeal to the government to stop the entry of ministers and leaders of the government. The government is propagating the entire movement as merely the movement of Haryana, Punjab, while the farmers of various states including Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh are standing on the Delhi border. In many states, farmers are with us from where they are and their representatives are in meetings with us. So now this fight is not going to stop.

Farmers are not afraid of police exercise

Farmers’ organizations say the police are reluctant to give permission for the parade. All is happening at the behest of the central government, but the farmers’ organizations are not afraid of it A farmer leader says that the police, paramilitary forces, soldiers of the country’s army are the sons of all the farmers. We have an idea of ​​every situation. Chaudhary Harpal Singh, Balwinder Singh of Monga and Maninder Singh of Hoshiarpur say that whatever happens, we will keep celebrating Republic Day on the border of Delhi.

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