Fasting is very beneficial for the body, keeps the heart healthy and also controls obesity

Fasting benefits for body, know all information about it here

The festival of Navratri is being celebrated with full pomp. Many devotees are worshiping their mother by fasting for nine days. But do you know that by keeping fast, the body gets many benefits. However the connection between fasting and good health is nothing new. The importance of fasting for a long time in Ayurveda and the health benefits resulting from it have been described. Whether you fast for religious reasons or you do it as a lifestyle choice, both situations have the same effect on your health.

There are many benefits to fasting

Fasting not only helps in removing toxins from the body, besides fasting also reduces the risk of weight loss and development of metabolic and chronic (chronic) diseases. Apart from this, fasting keeps the heart healthy and blood pressure is also under control, which is the main reason for concern of most people in today’s time.

Blood pressure remains controlled

Believe that if you keep yourself away from food for a certain time, then by doing this blood pressure is controlled, cholesterol is reduced, diabetes is also controlled. Not only this, the problem of obesity is also overcome. This is also due to the development of all cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and cardiac arrest. However, by regularly examining all these, the risk of heart problems can be reduced by up to 80 percent.

Fasting diet was told better in many studies
Many studies have also claimed that fasting reduces heart complications and also prolongs lifespan. According to a study, people who follow fasting diet have a healthy heart. This is because people who fast regularly are able to control their calorie intake well. It helps them to reduce body weight and find better eating options. Fasting regularly can improve bad cholesterol levels and also improves metabolism. Therefore, people who do not fast, if they want to keep their heart healthy and avoid many other diseases, then they must include fasting regularly in their lifestyle.

Consult a doctor before trying anything new

By the way, fasting is safe for everyone and it does not have any bad effect on our health. But if anyone has any health related problems, then please consult your doctor before doing anything new.

They need to be cautious:
Pregnant or lactating women
Children and teens
People struggling with eating disorder
People suffering from type 2 diabetes
People suffering from other chronic diseases
Keep these things in mind during fasting
If you are thinking about fasting, then take all the information related to how to do it, plus you should know what you should have while breaking the fast and what you need to take care of to avoid any complications. should keep. The 4 basic things you should know about fasting are-
1-Keep your fasting period short, do not fast for more than 24 hours. Doing this may not be good for health.
2- Keep yourself hydrated during fasting. Drink plenty of water for this. Dehydration can cause headaches, constipation and fatigue.
3- Do not break fast with feast. Actually, when you break the fast, first eat food rich in protein and healthy nutrients. Ending your fast with a feast will make you feel sluggish.
4-If you are not feeling well then it is better not to fast. Your health is most important.
5-During fasting days, your energy level usually goes down a bit and should not be involved in any kind of physical activity. Actually by doing this you can feel weak.

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