Girls talk about their periods in these codewords!

Even today, there are many misconceptions among our society people, especially women, about periods. Even today women are not able to speak openly on serious topics like periods. These changes must come with time. Today is Mental Hygiene Day. So know some facts related to periods ..

Every day 80 crore women aged between 15 and 49 years are in periods. Apart from this, discussing about this also becomes a matter of shame, so the talk about it is also a tongue-in-mouth. According to WD, 10 per cent of girls in India and 50 per cent in Iran see it as a disease.

Nearly one and a quarter billion girls do not have access to toilet, due to which many girls miss school because they are unable to go to school during this time. The biggest truth is that women themselves do not talk about it by name. Many symbolic names are used for this. Just like in India, to know this girls know and tell many funny names like MC, down to be, date come, boss calling, champs etc.

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