Good news amid corona pandemic, this vaccine is showing good effect on the elderly

astrazeneca vaccine

The corona virus outbreak still remains on the world. A second wave of corona is also seen in many countries of the world. It is being said that till the corona vaccine is not reached, then we cannot be rescued from this epidemic. That is why work is going on around the world for the Kovid-19 vaccine. Trials on vaccine are going on in many countries. A report claimed that the vaccine of the British national drug AstraZeneca to combat the corono virus (Kovid-19) disease has shown good effects in elderly people.

AstraZeneca has been shown to have a strong immune response in the elderly. The Financial Times report cited two people with knowledge of the case as saying that the vaccine the company was producing produced protective antibodies and T-cells in older people. AstraZeneca is producing the vaccine in collaboration with the University of Oxford. The report further noted that results from immunogenicity blood tests of elderly people showed that this vaccine produced a ‘strong immune response’ in healthy adults between the ages of 18-55, according to data released in July. Was found for

AstraZeneca, along with Pfizer and Modern, are among the horses producing the Kovid-19 vaccine worldwide, among the increasing prevalence of the disease. AstraZeneca trials were resumed following a Volunteer report in the US. At the same time, Johnson & Johnson is also set to resume its vaccine trials on Monday or Tuesday. The companies gave this information on Friday. According to statements issued from AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, the US Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorized the resumption of the resumption test. According to information provided by Tracker of Johns Hopkins University, the global Kovid-19 case is nearing 43 million. At present, there are 4,2923,311 cases out of which 1,152,978 have died due to infection.

Vaccine trials of Oxford AstraZeneca began in India, Britain, Brazil and South Africa only last month. At the same time, Johnson & Johnson Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels said the company expected to resume its testing in the US by Monday or Tuesday. Johnson & Johnson is also in discussions with other regulators.

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine costs will increase by 20%
UK drug maker AstraZeneca said on Friday that its vaccine manufacturing costs would increase by up to 20%. The company argues that its Corona vaccine deal with Oxford University had a provision to cover additional expenses.

The company said the cost of the vaccine was more than a billion dollars. Other expenses apart from this are different. To make up for this, the company will add an amount equal to a maximum of 20% to the manufacturing cost, so that the financial situation is not affected. The company has signed several deals for over three billion doses.

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