Health Tips: Do not eat these 5 things including ice cream and fast food during dieting

Do not eat ice cream and fast food while dieting; these 5 things, instead of reducing weight can increase weight

People also resort to dieting in an attempt to reduce obesity. But some things should be avoided while dieting. If you eat this, instead of losing weight, it can increase. We are telling you about some things that should not be eaten during dieting.

Do not consume mucus while dieting. Butter contains 80% fat. Butter contains many substances with high cholesterol that are responsible for weight gain.

Fried foods, especially fried snacks or chips should not be eaten during the diet. Because they are also counted in high calorie food.

Who does not like to eat ice cream but if you are on dieting, then you have to keep distance from it. Sugar and fat are present in plenty in ice cream.

If you want to lose weight, then also discard junk food like chowmein, pizza, soya chap. These contain high levels of fatty acids, cholesterol, and calories, which are responsible for weight gain.

Although dry fruits are very good for health, but they also contain a lot of fat and calories, 163 calories in 100 grams of almonds, 155 in cashew and 185 calories in pistachios. If you are fond of them, it is difficult to lose weight.

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