How to control China in South China Sea? Mike Pompeo will come to India to discuss

अमेरिकी विदेश मंत्री माइक पोम्पिओ (फाइल फोटो)

In the 2 + 2 talks between the US and India next week, the challenges and solutions to deal with them in the Indo-Pacific region will be discussed. This information was given by the US Defense Minister Mark Asper. He told that the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is coming to India to discuss how to control China, which shows the attitude of America from the border with India to the South China Sea.

During a conversation with Atlantic Council President Frederick Kempi on Tuesday (local time), Espar has said that he will be in India with Pompeo next week. This will be the second 2 + 2 dialogue with India. Espar has described this meeting and partnership with India in the Indo-Pacific as the most important in this century. He has said that countries in the region are watching what China is doing.

Asper said that India is the world’s largest democracy with very qualified and virtuous people and they face China’s aggression on the Himalayas every day, especially on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). He said that I have spoken to many countries in the region and have also been there. People from the island countries of Mongolia, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Palau and the Pacific are watching what China is doing. In some places it is very clear and in many places they are doing it secretly. Espar said that ‘they are putting political and diplomatic pressure, and in some cases military pressure on some countries like India. We can no longer stand it. He said that all countries need to follow international rules, which benefit everyone. Esper said that this issue is not about the rise of China, but how they are emerging. Esper, referring to the Five Eyes Forum held last week, said that these issues are also discussed in these meetings.

He said that in this meeting ‘challenges in the Indo-Pacific, and how do we cooperate together? It was discussed. How we protect our sovereignty while facing these challenges, following orders based on international rules, freedom of navigation in the South China Sea were discussed.

He said that this creates more close cooperation and this will also be seen in the meeting in Delhi next week. On the information sharing agreement of the India Navy, Esper said that many issues are being discussed with India, but the information will be given at the right time.

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